Since I started Kiteboarding in 2000 my life has embarked on a wild and unique ride, inspired by my passion for the extreme, my love for the ocean and powered by the wind. Kiteboarding has taken me around the world more times than I can count and given me opportunities that I couldn't have dreamed of. Starting by competing in the UK, I progressed onto the world tour and competed full-time for four years, discovering a passion for videography I have since moved on to blend competition and unique style into movie projects that have changed how Kiteboarding is seen today.

Here is a brief biography of how I have got to where I am and some of the highlights along the way!

On the Podium with two of my great friends - The 2014 Triple-S Invitational - USA

On the Podium with two of my great friends - The 2014 Triple-S Invitational - USA



-Name: Tom Court
-Age: 30
-Nationality: British
-Home Town: Freshwater, Isle of Wight
-Profession: Pro Kiteboarder, Sports Promotion and Unique media Production, Marketing consultancy 

Career Highlight Results: 

1st Junior BKSA Champion 2002
1st BKSA British Champion 2003
11th PKRA World Title 2008
1st BKSA Animal Windfest 2009
2nd White Air Rail Jam 2009
2nd PKRA Best Trick Fuerte 2010
1st Rail Jam, Dominican Republic 2011
3rd WONW Kite Park, Philippines, 2011
1st Slider Party, France 2012
3rd Rail Master, Russia 2013

3rd Triple-S Kickers, USA 2014

1st Battle for the Lake, Achill Ireland 2014

9th Blue Palawan Kite Park League 2015

10 years attending the Triple-S invitational USA

Armani Action Sports Model

Brand Ambasador and Content Producer, Redbull, Renault, Philips, Armani, Youtube, Google, Xtreme Network & More

"Tom Court was born and raised on the Isle of Wight in the UK. After learning to windsurf at an early age he was introduced to Kitesurfing in 1999.  Ever since that day he has been an enthusiastic kiter and quickly made his mark on the PKRA Kiteboarding world tour after winning the UK under 18’s championship in his first year of competition.

Currently, Tom is an International rider for Boards & More (Duotone) and is well known for pushing the sport through his online video productions and powerful riding style. His goal is to showcase kiteboarding at its best and represent the brands that support him through his individual style and unique thinking both on and off the water"